Religious Socialism: Theology in Dialogue 

This brief post is inspired by my recent reading of Paul Tillich. As a Tillichian, I accept the basic premise that theology must be done in conversation, or, in other words, in dialogue with the contemporary situation in which the theologian finds himself. In the United States, people in my age group have been enthralled by Bernie Sanders. Sanders claims to be a democratic socialist, one who believes that the democratic institutions of society should be used in the establishment of worker self-ownership of the means of production (socialism). This interest in Socialism comes from an increasing awareness of the socio-economic disaster that has befallen the United States in the past few years. With income inequality, atomization, and job loss on the rise and the average rate of profit on the decline things aren’t looking good. The theologian can’t ignore these issues. He must address them in a theological manner. How one does this is up to further consideration; however, the fact that this task must be undertaken is not. We must address this problem theologically because theology is the only existential science by which man is reunited with himself and reason is reunited with its own depth. In later posts, we will attempt to do just this. For now, I am content to admit that I am a committed religious socialist. 


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