A Confession: Unpopular Theological Opinions

I am what some would call a theological enigma. I am generally not accepted in Reformed circles and definitely not in Arminian circles. Some may even doubt my salvation because of the views that I hold. So what exactly am I? I am a Hyper-Calvinist. *Gasp* Now that we have gotten that out of the way we can examine what exactly it means to be a Hyper-Calvinist over and above a traditional Calvinist. The main marks of Hyper-Calvinism are:

  • Supralapsarianism: the view that God’s decree of election logically precedes His decree of creation, the Fall, and redemption through the Cross
  • Equal Ultimacy: God elects human beings to glory and reprobation equally
  • Denial of duty-faith and duty-repentance: “We deny duty faith and duty repentance – these terms signifying that it is every man’s duty to spiritually and savingly repent and believe . We deny also that there is any 1 capability in man by nature to any spiritual good whatever. So that we reject the doctrine that men in a state of nature should be exhorted to believe in or turn to God” (Articles of Faith and Rules Article 26)
  • Gospel invitations: I believe that Gospel invitations should be avoided as they imply creaturely power and are an attack on the doctrines of grace (TULIP)
    • While we believe that the Gospel is to be preached in or proclaimed to all the world, as in Mark 16. 15, we deny offers of grace; that is to say, that the gospel is to be offered indiscriminately to all (Article 29)
    • Therefore, that for ministers in the present day to address unconverted persons, or indiscriminately all in a mixed congregation, calling upon them to savingly repent, believe, and receive Christ, or perform any other acts dependent upon the new creative power of the Holy Ghost, is, on the one hand, to imply creature power, and, on the other, to deny the doctrine of special redemption.(Article 33)
    • We believe that any such expressions as convey to the hearers the belief that they possess a certain power to flee to the Saviour, to close in with Christ, to receive Christ, while in an unregenerate state, so that unless they do thus close with Christ, etc., they shall perish, are untrue, and must, therefore, be rejected. And we further believe that we have no Scripture warrant to take the exhortations in the Old Testament intended for the Jews in national covenant with God, and apply them in a spiritual and saving sense to unregenerated men. (Article 34)

One of the more contentious views ascribed to Hyper-Calvinism is that Arminians are unsaved. While I believe Arminianism is false and has many unsavory theological implications I do believe that my Arminian brothers are saved. That’s it for this short blog post. I just wanted everyone to be aware of where I stood theologically going forward and I will be putting out defenses of each of these points listed above.


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