The Meticulous Providence Theodicy and the Problem of the Unsaved: A Brief Consideration

The problem of the unsaved, or the PoU as I will refer to it, is a problem that every Bible believing Christian has to answer. The PoU is similar in type to the logical/inductive arguments from evil in that it assumes that some evil exists, which in this case would be the suffering of the lost in Hell forever, and therefore it seems unlikely or is logically impossible for a good, omnipotent, omniscient being to exist. I believe that the Meticulous Providence Theodicy solves this issue. The argument goes something like this:

P1. Some people have never heard about Christ (evidentially true)

P2. Those people will end up in hell due to their sins (Scripturally true)

P3. Having never heard the gospel, they did not have a chance to repent (P1)

P4. There was a way for sins to be forgiven and it was not offered to the unsaved (P1,P3)

P5. This is unjust

P6. God is necessarily just

C. God does not exist

P5*. God exercises MP

P6. God is necessarily just

P7. God’s MP and justice leads Him to sovereignly place all humans, who are sinners and under God’s wrath, in a position in which they receive justice or mercy

P8. If everyone receives justice or mercy then no one receives injustice

C*. PoU does not imply the nonexistence of God

Arminians have a problem here as God desires to save everyone but He will ultimately fail as He “sovereignly” decides to let people have free will. The Arminian could say that God decides, based on His foreknowledge, to place people who would not believe in contexts where they will not receive the Gospel; however, this conflicts with the Arminian’s other commitment to the loving and good nature of God that desires all people to be saved.


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